2012 Hair Style Expectations

We had a very busy hectic holiday season and we want to take a moment to thank all of our clients who celebrated the holiday season with us, and trusted us to make their hair look good. So now that 2011 is behind us, what can we expect in 2012? This year’s winter hair trends are kept classic and encompass a wide variety of styles with the three top trends being the pixie, crop, and the bob.

Short hair is definitely getting a lot of attention, especially by many celebrities, but the looks are all about putting your own signature onto them such as changing up the bang length or style to compliment your own facial shape, adding a unique accent color ( yes even the bold hues of pink and blue for instance) or even combining different textures within the haircut (sleek and smooth vs. textured with shattered ends for example). Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something different because almost anything goes this season!

The PIXIE style in particular is coming back strong, but with a more feminine vibe this year. (TIP:  A razor cut usually will add more softness than a scissor cut will.) They are ideal on an oval facial shape but modifying the layers can make a pixie haircut work on other facial shapes as well. The pixie is a bold move so make sure you take time to consult with your stylist before you cut it all off.

One of the popular crop looks we are seeing is an asymmetrical look with one side graduated in short and the other side sporting longer layers. It has a slight Sassoon feel to it.

Layered bobs are being textured with some spiral curls for movement. (TIP:  With a curling iron, create different size waves over the entire head. Then finish with scrunching your hair with your favorite wax to break them up. For more volume, do it with your head up side down.)

For those of you with longer hair and don’t want to lose your length, how about adding bangs! This season you will see a lot of bangs ranging from blunt, fringe, or side swept. Remember I said before… almost anything goes this season, although the trend for long hair is more bouncy with soft waves rather than very sleek and straight.


Not only is the right cut and style important, but color can update any hairstyle, changing your total appearance. Here are some suggestions:

  1. If you are a medium to dark brunette, avoid a boring brown look by making it a DEEP RICH  CHOCOLATE BROWN. These colors are absolutely gorgeous and since the change is subtle, the regrowth maintenance is minimal and clients are loving it! (WARNING: The compliments you’ll get can be addicting.)
  2. If you like your natural brown hair but want some dimension (especially if your haircut has a lot of movement from layers) add some soft caramel highlights. Keep it subtle!
  3. Red hair is one of the new 2012 color trends. You can add a highlight or a lowlight but keep it simple! (TIP:  It takes a lot of confidence to become a red head so be sure before you take the plunge. If you’re hesitant, try adding some red toned lowlights to your natural color instead.)
  4. Ombre color was strong last year and is definitely still around. This look is usually darker color from roots to midshaft, then gradually lightens as it moves through to the ends. The goal is to have a slight variation without a harsh line. One of my favorite ombre looks is worn by Jessica Biel. Very subtle but striking! The models at our ombre class loved their hair and said that this is the look they’ve wanted but didn’t know how to ask for it. This color technique is also very popular because of it’s low maintenance. The “rooty” look is part of the style. I prefer my clients who wear this to have at least shoulder length hair and no lighter than a  light brown level in their natural color.
  5. Lastly, beautiful shiny hair always makes a fashion statement so if you’re not ready for a big change and like what you have, try one of our new color glazes. It enriches your base shade ever so slightly (depending on the color choice) while imparting incredible shine. Because it is not permanent hair color, it  gradually fades away in 4-6 weeks, not changing your natural color underneath. This service is also on special this month making it a great time to try it!

I hope this gave you a few ideas to think about. We are looking forward to seeing everyone soon. Happy New Year!!!!!!

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