Age Defying Beauty tips for the Holiday Season

  •  A healthy diet is the basic strategy for radiant Beauty.
  •  Exercise is a must – Start slow & build into a comfortable level that get you results!
  •  Hydration is a must for a healthy glow… carry your favorite sport water wherever you go . Try this trick to avoid over eating during the holidays… Drink 8 ounces before heading to dinner. You won’t want second helpings at dinner or the parties!
  •  Vitamins– help to maintain your health when  you fall short of your goals..
     Hairtique carries vitamins for healthy hair too!
  •  Beauty Products of the SEASON– The Ultimate Moisturizer for your skin type & an excellent Moisturizing Conditioner for your hair. One of our stylists will happy to recommend the proper one for your Hair type.

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