September – When and How to Properly Condition Your Hair

Summer is over and your hair is in bad shape, so what should you do?  Probably get a “treatment” at the salon and here is why………..

Conditioners can be broken down into TWO main groups:

1.)  A true “conditioner” is designed to treat only the SURFACE of your hair, providing temporary protection and strength to hair. The thin coating provides smoothness to the cuticle layer of the hair, making it easier to comb through. These are generally used every time you shampoo. Clients with fine hair must choose this product wisely because their hair can easily be weighed down and go flat. Choose one formulated for fine hair. Used on colored hair, conditioners can help seal the cuticle (outside layer) so there is less fadage to your color.

Examples  of true conditioners are rinses and thermal protectors.

2.)  The other type of conditioning is called a “Treatment”.  These penetrate past the cuticle layer, going deeper into the shaft, helping to restore and maintain the internal strength and integrity of the hair. These are generally used in the salon by your hairdresser and can be used normally no more than  once a week. (twice a week for extreme cases) Some can be sold for at home use but they are usually not as strong , especially when dealing with protein treatments which could cause over bleached hair to become  brittle and break if used improperly.

Some examples of treatments are Reconditioners and Moisturizers.

RECONDITIONERS – These treatments are generally more  protein based and make the hair stronger. These are a good  choice for you if you have chemically damaged hair, or if your hair is weak and breaking. Most of these have a combination of protein and some moisture as pure protein used incorrectly can cause damage to hair.  It has been recommended to wait a week after your hair is  colored to use this type of treatment because it
could cause fadage but I personally use one on my hair after I color it and I have not experienced any fading.

MOISTURISERS – These treatments are the most common ones used in the salon because they balance the moisture content  in the cortex (the middle layer of your hair). These are great for frizzy, dry hair, and can help give more bounce to curly hair. Also good to use on hair that is damaged by chemicals, blow drying, flat ironing, and SUN DAMAGE. These can be used on any hair type that wants their hair to feel and look more shiny and silky.

When you are doing a treatment make sure you towel dry the hair very well before you apply the product because if the hair is too wet, it could stop it from penetrating as deeply into the hair shaft.  Also make sure product is rinsed out with lukewarm water and not hot because heat opens up the cuticle (outside layer of hair) and more of the conditioner that penetrated inside of the hair shaft will come back out.

We find in the salon that almost everyone’s hair could benefit from a good conditioner or treatment, but unless the correct one is  chosen for your hair type and needs, you may think conditioners don’t work for you. A common complaint is that they “weigh my hair  down too much”. This can be caused by:

  1. Too much product is being used (professional brands are more concentrated and require less)
  2. The conditioner should not be applied to the root area on fine hair, rather through the mid shaft and ends where it is really needed.
  3. The conditioner is not thoroughly rinsed out
  4. The wrong conditioner for your hair type was purchased. (We carry several that are formulated for fine hair  that are very popular)

The key to having your hair look it’s best is having the knowledge to be able to pick the right product that will make it happen for you. Whether you are an existing client or have never been in our salon, we invite you to let us share our product knowledge with you so that you can have the  results that you are looking for. Don’t forget to check out our specials on the conditioners and treatments this month.

Hope to see you soon!!!

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